Zoey and Jasper

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Written by Brandie Ahlgren | Photos by Grace Chon
We have always dug the photography of Grace Chon -- so much so, that Grace's work has 'graced' the cover of CityDog Magazine. Now, with the addition of Jasper to her pack (Grace's 10-month-old son), we really dig Grace's new "Zoey and Jasper" series, featuring "a rescue dog and her little boy" (Zoey being the rescue dog and Jasper the little boy, of course). And, both wearing hats, sunglasses, hoodies or headbands, no less.

Yay for props!

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The attention "Zoey and Jasper" has received in just the last few days has been incredible and well-deserved (appearing on The Bark, Buzzfeed and Good Morning America to name a few), but with fame comes criticism, with comments like "Zoey looks miserable" and that neither should have those "hideous hats" on their heads. Whatever.

To set the record straight, Grace says, "Zoey absolutely loves wearing clothes. I think her love of fashion started one winter when we brought our dogs, Zoey and Maeby, on a vacation to San Diego. Zoey is so scared of new situations and new people, that I bought the dogs matching scarves so that hotel guests would smile at them and send warm energy their way. Zoey loooooooved it. Ever since, she's loved wearing anything I put on her and does little happy dances when the props come out. There's a reason why this series involves Zoey, and not Maeby. Maeby would tolerate it; Zoey on the other hand, LOVES it. The look she has on her face is actually extreme concentration, because she's quite the focused little model and takes her job very seriously."

Again, yay for props! And, yay for Zoey and Jasper!
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