The Scoop {April 25}

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Wrtten by Brandie Ahlgren | Photography by Julie Clegg
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This time we've dug up a doozy. Did you know Seattle has a dog-friendly, Vegas style wedding chapel? Well, it does. This past weekend, we had the privilege of photographing a lovely couple and their two canines at Shotgun Ceremonies, located in Pioneer Square. Owners, and ordained ministers Bronwen Stevenson and Sara Qureshi (pictured here), came up with the concept for Shotgun Ceremonies as a result of Bronwen's own personal experience -- a shotgun wedding in Vegas. The chapel provides couples an alternative to a traditional wedding and best of all, dogs are welcome. You can read the full story and see all of the amazing photos from the shoot in the next issue of CityDog. Subscribe today!

Shotgun Ceremonies
206 1st Avenue South, Seattle

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