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Continue to Shop Local During COVID-19

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    Continue to Shop Local During COVID-19

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Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

While you may always think about owning a cute little dog for your small apartment, size is no longer the only thing you have to consider.
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In fact, you should always dig deeper when it comes to their natural instincts and personality traits. Getting to know what type of dog breed they are is the key to a happy, peaceful stay in your new apartment.
Aside from that, you might miss an important thing, too—your lifestyle. If you can't keep up with your furry baby (and it persists in the long run), that's not a good sign.
Find the perfect balance, and know what's best for you and Fido. Before you welcome a new member of the family, here are the best dog breeds for apartment living.

Bichon Frise

If you're looking for an all-around breed that can be accommodated in every apartment, then you should get a Bichon Frise.
This breed is just so heartwarming to take care of. You can let them bond with other dogs and kids. In other words, they're super friendly!
Maintenance-wise, you won't have much of a problem. Regular visits to the groomer for a trim is already enough. Although this breed has a fluffy, long fur—they don't shed much compared to other dogs.
One thing you should do is to keep them busy. Bond with a Bichon Frise as much as you can, give her a lot of toys, and encourage play. Otherwise, doggy boredom can lead to an issue.

Boston Terrier

Another ideal dog breed is the Boston Terrier. Their large, cute eyes and pointy ears say it all.
The Boston Terrier can be just as friendly as other dogs. Known as a people-oriented breed, you can play with them and even teach new tricks in an instant. The thing is, you just have to do it consistently as it can be challenging to house train them. If you stay most of the time indoors, this dog would be more than happy to be with you!


Are you looking for a cute, tiny dog for your small home? Well, you can always welcome a Chihuahua in the family.
Known for their lightweight body, you can even carry them in one arm (as long as you're careful enough.) They're also great travel buddies too!
The Chihuahua breed can survive with minimal exercise, so take her outdoors only when you're available. As a pet parent, train them while they're young. You surely don't want to deal with a yappy dog later on.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This toy breed is one of the most precious that you might come across. With their long, furry ears and tantalizing eyes, you'll never go wrong with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
It's definitely the best for households who need a laid-back companion. Whether there are kids or seniors at home, they'll go well with them.
The thing is, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is somewhat high-maintenance. They require more and frequent grooming sessions to keep their wavy coat in good condition.

They may not make it to your shortlist, but we include Greyhounds as one of the best apartment dogs!
This breed is very low-maintenance. They don't require a lot of grooming needs, and they don't mind being alone for a few hours. You can go home from work and still receive a warm welcome from this pooch.
Still, their natural instincts indicate that they love running. Treat your Greyhound on a date in the dog park, and engage her with fun activities.

Looking for your furry buddy can take some time. Thankfully, you can always start with knowing the basics of living in a pet-friendly apartment, until the perfect match comes in.

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